New Moon 4’ Scorpio (28th October) & Mercury Retrograde

This New Moon is setting the theme for the following month to be on mystery and magic, depth and transformation. Scorpio is the zodiac sign that takes us into the shadows, with the intrigue for the unknown, the hunt to discover hidden treasures. It’s time to investigate the deeper levels of our desires, to know the motivation behind our action – to know the ‘why’ that fuels our actions.

Scorpio can be ruthless and powerful. Use this energy well and wisely. Misused it can be fierce and destructive.  Be attentive to the intention behind your actions. Transformation comes through being tested under pressure. It takes awareness to direct the intense energy flow to a higher level.

This is a great month to purge out unwanted items, energy and emotion.  The power of release is incredible.

With the Sun & Moon opposite Uranus in Taurus there is the likelihood of sudden outbursts of emotion, flashes of chaos, and surges of energy appearing throughout the month. Be open to the spontaneity that this demands. Be ready to act in a moment’s notice.

Knowing where in your birth chart this New Moon sits will indicate where the transformation needs to happen. Move any stagnating pools of energy to activate the process. Release the blocks and allow the energy to flow.

Mercury is retrograde from the 1st to the 21st Nov. Over this time it will be moving backwards (appearing to be in reverse motion) through Scorpio (27’ – 11’).  Again this highlights the deep investigation of buried information and emotion.  Be willing to go deep. I see Scorpio as a scuba diver – taking the journey to explore other realms of life. Often this is with danger and risk. To get the most out of this Mercury retrograde reflect upon the area of your life, noted by the house position where this is happening, e.g. 5th house is family matters, 7th house personal relationships, 2nd house is finances etc. Take the journey to explore what had previously been buried. This can uncover personal secrets or old emotion – choose the right setting, a supportive person to share this with and the timing that is appropriate. This Mercury can leave some people feeling exposed and vulnerable. The energy / secret / emotion was buried for a reason – make sure you respect that.