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New Moon August 2020

The recent New Moon gave its monthly blessing through the sign of Leo. As with all New Moons it is a time when the Sun and the Moon are together, setting the theme for our next lunar month. Mercury was aligned with them at this time. The theme for this Leo month is upon being […]

Giveaway Prize Draw Winners

Thanks everyone for your wonderful feedback on our 2020 Moon Calendar!  We thoroughly enjoy reading your comments and messages of appreciation. They give us a great dose of motivation to work on the next year’s Moon Calendar production. We get great delight in knowing our calendar is a well valued addition to your homes and […]

New Moon Taurus April 2020

This Lunar Cycle starts with the New Moon in Taurus (money, resources, patience, security)  aligned with Uranus (technology, alternatives, chaos), setting the focus of the month ahead to be on building resources, taking our time with developments, being open to alternatives, learning new methods and using the technological tools to help our progress. Chaos keeps […]

Full Moon Libra 2020

The Libran (partnerships, relationships) Full Moon brings to our awareness the balance of our life with those around us. As with any Full Moon the Sun is in the opposite zodiac sign, in this reference the Sun is in Aries (individual activities, independence). These two together show us that from our relationships we get to […]

Lunar Eclipse Jan 11th 2020

This Astrological Event comes with mighty power, presence and significance. Not only is it a Lunar Eclipse, which on its own is worthy to note and be attentive to, but it is also aligned with the Saturn and Pluto conjunction. These two planets joining forces happens every 37 years. They were last together in 1982 […]

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