Lunar Eclipse Jan 11th 2020

This Astrological Event comes with mighty power, presence and significance. Not only is it a Lunar Eclipse, which on its own is worthy to note and be attentive to, but it is also aligned with the Saturn and Pluto conjunction. These two planets joining forces happens every 37 years. They were last together in 1982 in the sign of Libra, bringing change to our relationships and the balance of relating.  Saturn sets rules and regulations into place, with structures and guidelines for social behaviour. Pluto pushes for transformation, breaking through fears to new levels of life, creating steps of evolution. Since 1982 relationships have been restructured with us bringing a more balanced and equal understanding towards all manner of partnerships – professionally, legally and personally.

With this current conjunction in Capricorn it is time for government policies to be adjusted to our contemporary lives. Many of the rules that govern our society have been locked into place from times past. Most of these traditions and guidelines we have grown out of. With Pluto’s forces of metamorphosis we can use this energy to break through into new measures of living positively in this global marketplace, in this digital world, in the information age. Not everyone will go straight for the breakthrough; some will choose the difficult path, with challenges and obstacles. Watch out for the breakdowns! While trading agreements between countries are dissolving boundaries the rules over border control and immigration is tightening. We are moving into a new stage of humanity. Contracts, documents and negotiations held now have enormous power. It is vital we use this opportunity wisely. Be sure of your commitments – they are being set in stone! Vows and promises can last lifetimes if pledged at the time of power. This is one of those times.  As Mercury and the Sun roll on over the degrees where Saturn and Pluto are positioned these days are marked with high intensity meetings.  These are significant points that in time will be marked as historical turning points in our human development and civilization. Be attentive to what is happening on the global stage!

20’ – 24’ Capricorn is the hot zone of the conjunction. From where this sits in your birth chart will indicate where you are to structure new pathways for future growth and development. Set a solid base, stay disciplined with your motivation, keep true to your path and know the purpose of your chosen direction. What outcome are you focusing on?

The Lunar Eclipse is bringing to the surface the energy that was shifted with the recent Solar Eclipse (Dec 26th).  Do you have the right balance of work and home – goals and nurture? Allow the emotion to flow, let the release happen, as the insights and healing will come from this.

With this Lunar Eclipse Jupiter and the South Node are at the same degree of 8’ Capricorn. This brings a reality check to where we feel stuck in our lives. Frustration comes when we feel burdened with the weight of responsibilities that no longer serve our purpose. Be honest in declaring your priorities and measures of involvement. Be courageous in stating the role you wish to play. Learn to delegate tasks that don’t bring you joy.

Uranus is turning direct on this day as well! From this date there will be no retrograde planets until the 17th Feb. The outward expression of energy is at maximum speed – there is nothing to hold us back. For many of us this will be overwhelming and can bring feelings of exhaustion and burn out. The pressure can be challenging!

We have all chosen to be part of this time – whether this was a conscious or unconscious choice, we are all to play our part. With so much cosmic activity in Capricorn it is essential we understand the work we are to do – both paid and unpaid, in our service to humanity and with the evolution of our planetary existence.  Be wise with your words, steady with your tasks and aware of your direction.