New Moon Taurus April 2020

This Lunar Cycle starts with the New Moon in Taurus (money, resources, patience, security)  aligned with Uranus (technology, alternatives, chaos), setting the focus of the month ahead to be on building resources, taking our time with developments, being open to alternatives, learning new methods and using the technological tools to help our progress. Chaos keeps the energy fresh, as long as we stay out of the stress zone.  Look out for any resistance to change and stubborn attitudes as they are detrimental to our growth. It is fine to go slowly, as long as we still make progress.  Stagnation is to be avoided. An open attitude makes us adaptable to move with the current pressures.

This Taurus line- up is squared to Saturn (discipline, life lessons, structure, rules) in Aquarius (global community, social networks, friendships). The challenge of the square puts restrictions on our social interactions, tight schedules to our community meetings and framework of rules and boundaries on our societies.  Uranus and Saturn are the two rulers of Aquarius, which means that while these social controls are in place we can still access contact with each other through the online connections.  It is important we play by the rules for the health of the community and the respect for each individual.

Venus in Gemini and Mars in Aquarius (both air signs) continue to relate favourably, indicating the easy flow of entertainment, light-hearted communication and the playing of games. With Mercury as a sextile to both, it is important we keep our minds stimulated with hobbies, study interests, communication with friends and media.

Being well informed with the government’s guidelines is essential to staying relaxed. Make sure those around you are kept in the loop of current affairs. This is not a time to play ignorant! The punch from Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn won’t take any excuses. The rules are there for everyone’s benefit.

Saturn and the North Node are inconjunct (roadworks), we can’t see the road ahead, yet we know there will be challenges and potholes along the way. Tread carefully; be deliberate with your actions and wise with your decisions. We are now entering the Eclipse Season – over the next 3 months we are to show proof of our transformation. There is no going back to the old, rather we are to embrace and welcome the new. Blessings to you all!