New Moon August 2020

The recent New Moon gave its monthly blessing through the sign of Leo. As with all New Moons it is a time when the Sun and the Moon are together, setting the theme for our next lunar month. Mercury was aligned with them at this time. The theme for this Leo month is upon being creative, stimulating our lives through interests, hobbies, creative projects and dynamic expressions. It is advisable we have a positive outlet for this energy to flow towards, as a way for the fire to expand, as it could be highly volatile and emotionally reactive. This is a great month to take up a new hobby, build upon an existing interest or explore new ways of being creative. In what ways can you open up your life? Without such interests and recreational activities (theatre, sport, art, craft, dance, music, gardening, sewing, writing etc) the frustration could build in intensity. Find ways to release the pressure. Having something to show for one’s efforts will be a huge confidence boost, lifting our spirits and strengthening our self esteem. Let it start with a lighthearted attitude, ‘just for the sake of fun’, give it plenty of space to grow and see what it develops into. There are many successful businesses that started as a hobby, a creative project, a leisure activity or a passionate expression. Don’t let seriousness or judgment spoil the growth. We are being tested for our patience! Be willing to learn along the way, allowing your skills to guide your development. If given the opportunity the project will find its natural time, order and outcome. As we learn new skills the benefits flow throughout all levels of our being, reducing stress, increasing our well-being and happiness.

Happy New Moon everyone!