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Pisces and Aries Birthdays

Happy Belated Birthday to all the Pisceans, wishing you a fantastic, creative and colourful year ahead. Happy Birthday to all the Arians, wishing you a wonderful year of new adventures, exciting experiences and new inspirations. PISCES (19 February – 21 March) Your focus for 2015:          KEEP LIFE-FORCE ENERGY FLOWING Being attentive to your holistic health […]

Horoscopes April – May 2015

Mood for April: Balance independent activities with partnership projects. Having one more extreme than the other will lead to reactions. Keep it fair. Mood for May: Communication difficulties & misunderstandings are likely. Extra effort is required. Don’t let an issue build up with intensity. ARIES: Great opportunities are available for new horizons and exciting adventures. […]

Horoscopes January – February 2015

Mood for January: Sharing with others warms our heart & brightens our world. Break away from stagnation & isolation, relating more openly. Mood for February: The greatest adventure of all is the journey within. At times we need guidelines to keep us on track. Stay true to your spiritual discipline. ARIES: On February 20th Mars, […]

November & December 2014

Astrovision Horoscopes Mood for the Month November:Desires are strong & powerful. Be careful for what you wish for, there is more to the picture than meets the eye. December: Life lessons are in every moment, in every meeting, and in every relationship. It is up to us to see these teachings. January 2015: Sharing with […]

September & October 2014

by Harsha Rigney Mood for the Month September:Optimism & spontaneity are a delightful blend, as they open opportunities for dynamic adventures. Jump in! October:Inventive ideas, creative passion & energy bursts bring great excitement. Colour up your life, follow your heart’s desire. November:Desires are strong & powerful. Be careful for what you wish for, there is […]


MOOD FOR THE MONTH: JULY: Transformation happens under pressure. Resilience, strength & determination are required to make the shift happen. AUGUST: Warm-hearted relationships bring sunshine to our day. Find ways to celebrate with loved ones, making ordinary events extraordinary. ARIES: Creative projects will open up your life to new opportunities & experiences. It’s time to […]

May – June 2014

Mood for Month: May: Great healing energy is available to lift our spirits and heal our hearts. To allow this in we need to be emotionally flowing. June: Steps of progress are easier to achieve when we are holistically well and happy. Find your exact recipe of health and stick to it! July: Transformation happens […]

February – March 2014

Mood for Month: February: Relationships are under pressure to grow. Holding onto old attitudes is limiting. Be courageous; express your love & feelings. March: It is essential that we trust our intuition, as this always guides us well. Once this is recognized our decision making is easy. April: This is a time of metamorphosis – […]

Horoscopes Dec 2013 – Jan 2014

Mood for Month: December: Take the time to note your progress, seeing the steps you’ve taken & the changes you’ve made. Give yourself rewards for your efforts. January: The completion of tasks is important. A balanced approach is best, find ways to keep an even keel with work, home, ourselves & others. February: Relationships are […]

August – September – October 2013

Mood for Month: August: Change needs to be total, not half-hearted. Decide what needs to be done & just do it. With the right approach anything is possible. September: By expressing our feelings our relationships move to a deeper level. Old wounds can be healed with sensitivity. October: Relationships are healthy when we balance co-operation […]

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