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The Astrology birthchart is a great resource for insights and direction. Used as a map it indicates where you have come from, what baggage you are carrying, where you are presently in your life and your soul’s fulfillment and future direction. Harsha’s Astrology birthchart reading is packed with information and guidance; highlighting your health, providing insights into your career direction, helping you to understand your relationships and defining your strengths, life’s lessons and opportunities. Her birthchart reading is very comprehensive, giving you clarity and purpose. This is the foundation for all other Astrology readings.

This reading is the foundation for all the other readings.

This reading comes as a digital recording in audio format, with a copy of your birthchart.

Your personal reading can be either delivered to you as a CD recording sent to you via post or uploaded to a website where you can download it to your computer or digital device. Please select your preference from the dropdown.

To order a reading with Harsha please provide your name, date of birth, time of birth and location of birth during checkout. A recent photo of you is also required – we’ll let you know which email address to send this to after checkout.


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