Bringing Astrology to your everyday life

Bringing Astrology to your everyday life

Astrology provides us with many amazing tools. The most profound is in helping us to discover and understand who we are, which leads to the deepening of our self-acceptance.

With Astrology we help our clients to be aware of the best pathways to take, to make the right decisions with what is current in their lives, to make the most out of their relationships and to choose the best time for significant events, such as marriage and business developments.

In Astrovision, we are passionate about educating as many people as possible into using Astrology as a way to gain insights and direction for themselves

2022 Moon Calendar

The Astrovision Moon Calendar is packed with useful tips and insightful information for everyone. It provides you with effective guidelines and many insights for the entire year.

Audio Sessions

In these talks Harsha shares her insights and extensive knowledge on Astrology, through looking at current affairs and upcoming events, life situations and cycles of growth.

214 – Mixed Messages

Eclipses mark significant times of change for us all, noting major turning points in our lives, with endings and beginnings.

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I Love Flowers - Front Cover

I Love Flowers

This children’s picture book follows the journey of discovering the flower in your heart; to find the love and beauty in you.

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Evening Talks

Astrology is an insightful subject, offering us many tools for progress. It helps us to understand ourselves and our lives better.

Harsha is well-known for her ability to breakdown this complex science into everyday terms. The subjects covered are of interest to people from all walks of life, covering topics on health, relationships, self-development, current affairs and significant planetary events.

These talks are reviewed as easy listening, thought provoking, useful and inspirational.

Harsha provides notes on the topic of discussion, giving insights and references to your individual involvement with the subject in question.

Please bring your birthchart with you, along with a pen. Orders for birthcharts need to be in 48 hours prior to the event.

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