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Registrations opening soon

Learn how to bring this fascinating subject into your life, setting a solid foundation for Self-development. Whilst learning about Astrology, you will work off your own birth chart. This helps you to assimilate the information from the lessons into your own experience.

The Astrovision School offers a comprehensive study programme, taking you through many levels of personal and relationship development.

In 1989 Harsha Rigney started teaching Astrology. She has been consistent over this time in sharing her enthusiasm and skill with thousands of students in Australia and New Zealand. Over the years Harsha has built the Astrovision School, structuring the levels of study from her own experiences and understanding of Astrology.

While these classes have, over the years, been successfully run on a ‘teacher in the classroom’ format Harsha and her team are currently in the process of transferring the course content into a correspondence format. This makes these classes available for those who are unable to attend in person.

Registrations for the correspondence online classes will be opening soon.

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