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Astrology has been a part of Harsha’s life since 1978 which she developed into her career, through her studies with various international teachers. 

She has worked professionally in this field since 1985 and has been teaching Astrology since 1989. Over the following decades, Harsha built Astrovision into a solid business foundation, branching out into publishing and education, all operating under the same Astrovision branding.

To meet the increasing demand for client consultations, product sales and classes, Harsha has grown Astrovision into a bigger team. Sufi Rigney is the production, sales & marketing manager. Chrissy Winehouse is joining Harsha for the individual and specialist consultations and readings. Sue Davies works with Sufi as the wedding planners. Harsha, Chrissy, Sufi and Sue are the class tutors. 

Astrovision Limited is an incorporated company which, as a Publishing House, produces and publishes various products and publications. The Astrovision Moon Calendar is a yearly production, (since 1997), where Harsha’s knowledge is provided for everyday use. Harsha was the Astrological writer for the Healthy Options magazine for 17 years, as well as featuring in many other magazines and publications. She has authored an adult non-fiction Self-help book, as well as writing and illustrating children’s picture books. 

Supplementary products and books are also available to the market, with many more planned or in progress.

Astrovision School Limited

Astrovision School Limited is an incorporated company which facilitates Astrology classes for all levels of students. These classes are well-attended and have been developed over the many decades of Harsha’s teaching, where she has brought Astrology as a Self-development tool to thousands of people. Her monthly Astrology Talks have also grown in popularity over the years and are now provided in two formats to meet the demand from customers – as a local community event, as well as an online Audio Sessions for those living in further locations. Similarly, the school programme is in the process of establishing correspondence courses for those who are unable to attend the regular classes. 

This will open up opportunities for international students to study through Astrovision from their chosen location.

The Astrovision Team


Harsha started her Astrology studies in 1978. What began as a passion grew into her career. She has worked professionally in this field since 1985, which includes teaching Astrology in Australia and NZ to thousands of students, guest speaking, private readings, business consultations, wedding planning and being the Astrological writer for magazines for many decades, gathering a following of readers.

Harsha now offers her astrological knowledge as Audio Sessions to the wider world. She is well known for her ability to breakdown this complex science into everyday terms as she covers topics on Self-development, global current affairs and significant planetary events. These talks are reviewed as easy listening, thought provoking, useful and inspirational.

In 1997, along with her daughter Sufi, they started the annual production of the Astrovision Moon Calendar, which is distributed extensively throughout NZ and Australia. Harsha is a published author of adult non-fiction books, as well as a writer and illustrator for her children’s books.

Harsha’s team are currently in the process of transferring her Astrology Classes into a correspondence format, making her classes available for those who are unable to attend in person. These courses are in high demand and we look forward to launching them out to the world.


Sufi’s involvement in Astrology spans her entire life. She is excited with bringing her love of this subject into the classroom as a tutor and as a consultant with the Astrovision Wedding Planning. 

She presents her artistic talent through many designs and productions, including the annual Moon Calendar, along with all of the graphic artwork for Astrovision. Her style has grown from her interests in Sacred Geometry, Ancient Greece and the Celtic traditions. As an artist from an early age, her passion is continued through her own art pieces, commission artworks, murals, graphic design and illustrations. 

She brings great enthusiasm and talent to help others visually portray their businesses out to the world. Offering her artistic ability for all your graphic design needs, specializing in logo design, marketing and social media. 

Contact – [email protected] – www.delphidesignz.com


Sue started her Astrology studies with Harsha in 2015 with enthusiasm and dedication. She has rapidly developed her Astrology skills and is a valued member of Astrovision. 

From Feb 2019 Sue has been consistently scribing Harsha’s classes to be collectively produced into future books.

With an extensive background in owning and managing health, beauty, hospitality and photography businesses, Sue is bringing her wealth of experiences to the Wedding Planning Team.


Chrissy has been studying with Harsha since 2005, when she started Astrology classes to assist with planning and client communications in her Accounting firm. 

Being self-employed allowed Chrissy to integrate the knowledge and tools of Astrology into daily life and the results were powerful, both professionally and personally. Harsha’s style of Astrology resonates with Chrissy, as she feels it comes from a place of intuition and love, while still being firmly grounded in the ancient science.

Chrissy has been Harsha’s intern since 2017, advancing her studies through the 1 on 1 training with Harsha and bringing her to be a valued Astrovision chart reader and classroom tutor. Her enthusiasm, accelerated learning and business skills are well recognised.

She is honoured to be working with the Astrovision team to expand on her professional use of Astrology, and to empower more people with the skills and tools they need for Self-development and fulfilment.

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