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Harsha Rigney


Astrology become part of Harsha’s life in 1978, it grew into a passion and through her studies she developed it into her career. She has worked professionally in this field since 1985, and has been teaching Astrology since 1989, through TAFE in Australia and the Continuing Education Department in New Zealand. She now teaches through her own school programme and is in the process of establishing correspondence courses for those that are further afield. Her classes are well attended and over the many decades of her teaching she has brought Astrology as a self development tool to many people. Harsha’s Astrological writing has been featured in many magazines and publications. The Astrovision Moon Calendar is a yearly production where her knowledge is provided for everyday use. Harsha offers a wealth of information and insights through her work, sharing her skills through individual readings, teaching, guest speaking and book writing. She is now a published author of adult non-fiction books as well as a writer and illustrator of children’s picture books.

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Sufi Rigney

sufiSufi Rigney has been a prolific artist throughout her life, developing her talent with enthusiasm and passion. From childhood she has had her art extensively exhibited and many times awarded. Her hand drawn designs are vibrant and defined through the blending of colour and detail. Sufi’s artistic style has grown from her interest in the Ancient Greek and Celtic traditions, which she brings out in her artwork by weaving intricate designs and creating inspirational mandalas. As well as having her art published yearly in the Astrovision Moon Calendar Sufi has over the years illustrated books, painted murals, created business logos, and designed advertising images for her many clients. Sufi’s artistic appreciation of life is both uplifting and energizing. Her artwork inspires healing, clarity and transformation.

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