Astrology Guide


Your comprehensive Self-help Astrology Tutorial Book, with pages to fill in the details from your own birth chart.


The Astrology Guide is to help you find your way around your own birth chart, getting insights along the way. It is to provide you with a solid foundation for your growth and development. It is a condensed version of the Level 1 and 2 study notes, plus more info gathered over the years. It’s a reference book when reading a chart.

• Where is your life force energy strengthened?

• Find your chart Overthrow and what that means for you

• Recognize the role of your Sun and Chart Rulers

• Health by the Zodiacs

• Retrograde Planets in your chart

• Planets and Zodiacs

• Quadrants and Houses

• Elements, Modalities and Polarities

• North and South Nodes

• Eclipses in your chart

• Understand your tidal energy flow with your Birth Lunar Phase

• Learn about the Seasonal Energies and know the Best Time for different activities

• Pages to fill in your details from your own birth chart 


• Full colour 

• Size: (A4) 297mm x 210mm

• x32 pages 

Feedback on the Astrology Guide

‘This is the best quick reference guide for all the class notes I usually carry around with me! All in one book! Great artwork as always, thank you!’
Andrew – Auckland

‘Love it! I’ve learnt so much already! Thank you!’
Jenny – Tauranga

‘So interesting and informative. I love the pages to fill in from my own chart.’
Mareia – Christchurch

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Astrology Guide
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