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Digital Download, emailed to you (no shipping charge). Have your Moon Calendar information with you everywhere you go. This DIGITAL Monthly calendar is to accompany your printed, full version of the Moon Calendar

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• ‘What time does the Moon change signs?’ – ✔ GOT IT! ☺
• ‘When does Mercury Retrograde finish?’ – ✔ GOT IT! ☺
• “When is it planting day?’ – ✔ GOT IT! ☺
• ‘What day is the Full Moon?’ – ✔ GOT IT! ☺
• ‘When is the Eclipse?’ – ✔ GOT IT! ☺

INCLUDES: (36 pages)

The Astrovision Moon Calendar is packed with useful tips and insightful information for everyone.

It provides you with effective guidelines and many insights for the entire year.

  • The full Lunar Gardening Guide is easy to use, giving guidelines for maximum gardening productivity.
  • Your Horoscopes for the year ahead outline highlights for this time.
  • Health Horoscopes gives you health tips for to be aware of.
  • For greater efficiency with your tasks schedule your month with the Lunar Cycle.
  • Know the best time for all activities with the Moon in the Zodiacs.
  • Choose the right colour for your event, promotional activities or even the ‘mood’ of the day.
  • Information on the Eclipses and Retrograde planets through the year indicate the tides and turns of energy.
  • Use the Lunar Cycle and Astrology as an everyday tool.
  • Seasonal information to keep you updated on the planetary influences affecting us all.
  • Comes with a full ‘How to Use’ section, taking you through the steps of learning.
  • Suitable for beginners to Astrology right through to those with advanced knowledge.
  • Illustrated with hand drawn illustrations and graphic designs by Sufi Rigney, and Photography by Harsha Rigney.


Available for New Zealand or Australian time zones – please choose your preference.

This Calendar provides you with guidelines on Gardening with the Moon with a comprehensive Lunar Gardening Guide which is easy to apply, giving you amazing results while reducing your workload. The Horoscopes for the Year and Health tips offer insights for your personal journey, accompanied by the Seasonal Forecast which outlines the 3 monthly intervals for us all. The Mood for the Month indicates the current lessons and opportunities we have for each month. Working with the Lunar Cycle helps you to improve your time management by scheduling your month into greater efficiency and productivity. All of this is presented in an easy-to-use format, suitable for beginners to Astrology right through to those with advanced knowledge. Produced by a professional Astrologer with over 35 years’ experience in this field and illustrated by an awarded artist. Harsha and Sufi have been producing the Astrovision Moon Calendar since 1997.

Customer Feedback:

‘So helpful! Thank you! Great to have that quick reference when I’m out, I’ve used it so much already.’
Tessa – Wellington

‘Loving having my Moon Calendar with me everywhere. Thank you!!!!’
Colleen – Perth

‘I’m so happy you’ve created this! Brilliant, so easy & helpful’
Pete – Hamilton

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Moon Calendar DIGITAL
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