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Horoscopes May – June – July 2018

Mood for MAY: Entertainment is a healthy distraction from the pressures of life.   We are changing gear, changing pace. Allow your sensitivity to guide you home. Mood for JUNE: Every great tree started as a sprouted seed. Create the space for your ideas to grow. It takes time, effort & the right conditions to be […]

Sept – Oct – Nov – Dec 2017

Mood for September: When we focus on our health by improving our diet, exercise & attitudes we increase our energy levels, lifting our self esteem. Mood for October: To embark on an adventure is to embrace the unknown.  Find a challenge that excites you; stretch your capacity into new territory. Mood for November:  Resilience gives […]

Dec 2016 – Jan – Feb 2017

Mood for Dec: Balance is easier when the proportions are right. Extreme measures are disruptive. Staying within set guidelines encourages development. Mood for Jan: Balancing all the factors of work, home, ourselves & our relationships brings fulfilment. Tension happens when one point dominates. Mood for Feb: Creativity is not just for entertainment but is also […]

Horoscopes Sept & Oct 2016

OVERALL MOOD FOR SEPT: To maximize the potential of current opportunities we need to be healthy. By focusing on our well-being it will open other pathways. OVERALL MOOD FOR OCT: Gratitude is strengthened when we view the reality of our life. We’re stepping away from weakness, building upon our stamina. ARIES: So much can be […]

Your Horoscopes for 2016

These are the horoscopes for 2016, as printed in our Moon Calendar – with half of the year gone it is a good time to check in with our progress. Happy reading! ARIES: (20 March – 20 April) Your focus for 2016:          The Ebb & Flow of Teaching & Learning Life is constantly presenting […]

Happy Birthday to all the Geminis

This year you are to clearly define where it is that you belong. This is in reference to your home environment which is to be your sanctuary and healing space and with your work / career environment where you contribute your skills, time and talents for others to benefit. The Eclipses in Sept and Feb […]

May – June 2016 Horoscopes

Mood for May: With careful planning, reliable methods & precise techniques the opportunity to create greatness is available. Utilise all the tools well.  Mood for June: There are many ways to reach the same outcome. Find the method that suits you best & stick to it. Allow others their way too.  Aries: Over these months […]

Nov. – Dec. 2015

 Mood for November: To be more efficient eliminate that which isn’t working, fix areas of wastage & clear away clutter. Set up systems to note the progress. Mood for December: Doubt & insecurities can shake relationships, allowing fear to seep into the cracks. Be careful of your thoughts. Build upon your trust.  ARIES: From 13th […]

July – Aug 2015

Astrovision Horoscopes: July – Aug 2015 MOOD FOR JULY: Recognizing what we are to learn & what we are to teach helps our relationships to run more smoothly. Being blind to either is detrimental. MOOD FOR AUGUST: The motivation to do more will be strong. To reach our expectations it’s best to start with improving […]

Happy Birthday to Taurians and Geminis

TAURUS  (20 April – 21 May) Your focus for 2015:                         MAKE ROOM FOR NEW INTERESTS Be clear & certain as to what you are to hold onto & what you need to release. Your natural tendency is to keep acquiring more assets & securities. Over time these can become a burden. You are being asked […]

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